Tourist Finds $24,000 on Casino Floor – Sentenced to Jail 

In a recent incident that underscores the complexities of temptation and the perils of opportunistic theft, Silitonga Andri Parulian, a 27-year-old tourist from Indonesia, found himself entangled in legal troubles following his actions at Singapore’s iconic Marina Bay Sands Casino. His case is particularly notable against the backdrop of the growing allure of gambling, both in traditional venues and in the burgeoning realm of online casinos.

An Unexpected Find with Dire Consequences

In March 2023, Parulian, who was visiting Singapore on a social visit pass, found himself at the Marina Bay Sands Casino. It was there, outside the exclusive Ruby Room, that he stumbled upon a significant find: eight slot machine tickets, each worth S$3,000, totaling S$24,000. These tickets had inadvertently fallen from a staff member’s folder, unbeknownst to Tham Wan Nyit, the manager in charge of slot machine operations at the casino.

The Temptation of Quick Money

Seizing the moment, Parulian picked up the tickets without any intention of returning them or alerting casino security. His actions were captured on the casino’s CCTV system. Parulian then proceeded to cash out these tickets at the casino, acquiring a total of S$24,000 in cash.

A Failed Escape and the Ensuing Consequences

In an attempt to evade any repercussions, Parulian headed to Changi Airport, intending to flee to Indonesia. His plans, however, were thwarted when he was unable to secure a flight ticket. 

Spending the night at the airport, he contacted a friend to help transfer S$2,000 into his Indonesian bank account. Over the next day, he made additional remittances totaling S$15,000 to his and his friend’s accounts in Indonesia.

Meanwhile, the loss of the tickets was discovered by casino officials, and a police report was filed. The review of CCTV footage led to the identification of Parulian as the culprit. His attempt to leave Singapore three days later was interrupted as he was flagged by the police and prevented from clearing immigration due to being on a stop-list.

Legal Proceedings and Sentencing

During the court proceedings, Parulian, who was not represented by a lawyer, expressed remorse for his actions and requested a lighter sentence. However, District Judge Crystal Tan, acknowledging his remorse, still deemed a jail term of four to five months appropriate, considering the significant amount involved.

Parulian’s refusal to return the remitted S$17,000 or disclose the whereabouts of the remaining amount further complicated his situation. The S$24,000 was never recovered, and no restitution was made.

Thomas Jansen

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